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  • Cool Avatars Free Video Chat

    Emerald Chat assigns you an avatar image and a username. You will be identified by these parameters, so you are 100% anonymous.

  • No Registration Required

    You can start using Emerald Chat immediately without even entering your email address. This contributes to entertainment, eliminating unnecessary hassle.

  • At lightning Speed

    You have connected to new chat partners without a moment's delay. Therefore, there are no waiting times.

  • Develop a hybrid chat

    The mixed points reward system allows you to know who is worth your time and who is not. Find people with high karma score to get great matches.

What is Emerald Chat?

Emerald Chat is a really fun way to meet and talk to strangers on the internet. It is an innovative online chat site with many unique features that are not found anywhere else.

You can use Emerald chat for free to find people who share your common interests. The platform does not require you to register or purchase a subscription plan to use its services.

However, there is a Gold paid subscription plan, which is completely optional. It unlocks new features for you.

You can use Emerald chat to make new friends, collect data or just have fun without any obligations. You can find new chat partners at the click of a button. Due to Emerald Chat's Mixed rating system, everyone tries to be on their best behavior.

Emerald Chat Features

Emerald Chat offers a lot of great things that make it fun to talk to strangers. Some of them are:

  • Chat with people by text, video chat or in groups.
  • You can filter people by their gender to easily find dates
  • It only matches people who share common interests
  • No need to register or purchase to use Emerald Chat
  • View the history of all the people you have matched with
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Emerald Video Chat For Meeting Similar Strangers

Emerald video chat works with a single click to get you someone just like you. You can watch the person's video stream and share your own video with them. If you want to check your compatibility and interests before starting a video chat with them, you can also make a quick message call.

Also, unlike other video chat sites, you won't have to go through a number of unwanted people to find the right person. Emerald Chat allows you to filter someone by their gender and interests. Therefore, if you are looking for a girl as lonely as you are, you will find her on the first or second try with Emerald Chat.

Useful Tips For Using Emerald Chat

  • Enter as many interests as you want to expand your options
  • Don't forget to choose your gender before chatting to find the right people
  • Buy the Gold plan if you want to filter people by gender
  • If you liked talking to someone, then you can contact them later in the date.
  • Don't share any personal contact information with someone too soon
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How to Chat with People in Emerald Chat

It is very easy to use Emerald Chat to find your chat partners. First, you will need to choose your gender and the type of chat you want. You have the option to use text chat, video chat and group chats.

When you do this, Emerald chat will automatically assign you a nickname and an avatar. You can be sure that you are completely anonymous, as people will only see this username and avatar.

You can click 'Start' to start your video chats. Emerald Chat will find you a partner very quickly. You can message them dec the chat window and also request a video call. If you feel uninterested, you can end the conversation to find the next partner.

Emerald Chat also has this feature called Karma, which is something like Facebook likes. If you like talking to someone, you can give him a Karma score. If someone bothers you, you can deduct points. People with a high karma score have a better experience on the site.

Start now!

If you wanted to find new friends or you've been feeling lonely for a while, you don't have to be like this anymore. You can start using Emerald chat now and you will never miss all these wonderful and happy things.

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