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  • Freeze Free Video Chat

    Tinychat's video chat rooms provide you with multiple video feeds at the same time, and none of them freeze.

  • Smartphone Options

    You can also use Tinychat on your Android and iOS devices. There are special applications for each of them.

  • Video and Text Chat

    You have the option to post (or not post) your video. You can also view someone's video stream without sharing yours.

  • Various Chat Rooms

    There are a lot of chat rooms, each of which can be selected according to a different theme. Join the one you like.

What is Tinychat?

Tinychat is a video chat site that gives you the opportunity to meet new people. You can join various chat rooms on Tinychat to interact with the members there. It is one of the most popular online anonymous chat services in the world.

Tinychat works around the concept of multiple people in a sharing room. Therefore, you can see many people's video feeds at the same time and publish yours to all of them.

The themes of each chat room are different and you should check the chat room biography to find out what the room is about. Tinychat also gives you the option to use voice and text chat features.

Tinychat Chat Room Features

You can use Tinychat to have a knowledgeable discussion, make new friends, and even flirt. Some of Tinychat's great features include:

  • Join video chat rooms with multiple people at the same time
  • Choose the chat room according to your preference and themes
  • View the video stream from many people and broadcast people to many
  • Stay in the video chat room without sharing your own video stream
  • Buy gifts for your friends and appointments through Tinychat
random video chat
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Random Video Chat with Tinychat

With Tinychat you can chat anonymously with random strangers. You don't have to share your private information with anyone if you want to. Tinychat asks you for your email address during the registration process, but it is kept completely confidential.

Tinychat's video chat feature is completely free to use. You don't have to pay anything to view people's camera feed or share your own. There are paid virtual gifts that you can buy in Tinychat's own store and send in your video chats.

Useful Tips For Using Tinychat

    The following little tricks can be very helpful to you when using Tinychat:

  • Get creative with your username
  • Before joining, read the biography and rules of chat rooms
  • Be lively and active in the chat room
  • Use Tinychat promotions if you want to have more users in your room
  • Make sure you are clearly visible on your webcam
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How to Chat with Strangers on Tinychat

Chatting with strangers on Tinychat is very easy. It is an anonymous chat site where you can video chat with strangers. However, you must provide your email address.

Just click on any chat room you want to join and Tinychat will take you to that room. If you do not have a Tinychat account, you will be prompted to create one.

You will need to enter your username (any of your choice), password and email address. When you do this, the chat room will be accessible to you.

Now you can view this chat room or join another chat room with this account. You will be able to see all the webcams of chat room members automatically. To share your video post, you can click on the button that says "Start Posting" at the bottom of the page.

Start now!

Tinychat is the best place to have fun, and in a few clicks this entertainment is completely yours. All you have to do is create an account and you can start meeting new people today!

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